What Are The Best Corporate Gifts?

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Buying gifts for people we know well is often a difficult task, but having to buy a present for a client or supplier as well is even trickier. Many businesses like to give corporate gifts at Christmas, but without knowing the person they are giving to, it can become a nightmare of a task for the person who has been given the job of sourcing something. However, there are some gifts that will always go down well, no matter who receives them.

Experience Days

Experience day vouchers are a great gift. They can relate to anything from paragliding to chocolate making (and everything in between). You can even buy vouchers that are essentially blank, meaning that the recipient can choose their own activity, making things even easier when it comes to choosing the right corporate gift. Experiences like these are excellent gifts as they will make wonderful memories, and those memories will forever be associated with your company – they could lead to lucrative deals in the new year.

Theater Tickets

The gift of upcoming theater show tickets, especially if it’s something that is difficult to get seats for, is another great idea for a gift to give a client at Christmas – or any other time, come to that. The theater is about more than ‘just’ the experience of watching the show itself; there is the ritual of getting ready, of having a nice meal, or enjoying a drink at the bar before the show or during the intermission. Again, this is another way of giving the client a great memory that they will then always link back to you and your company.

Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with delicious food and drink is a fantastic way to impress a client. Make sure, though, that it really is useful – receiving a basket full of exotic fruit and weird and wonderful concoctions might be interesting, but if the items aren’t going to be used and tasted, it will be a waste of time and money. Picking the items for a gift basket yourself is a good idea (choose delicious things such as cheese and chutney, chocolate and champagne), or you can leave it to an expert company or individual to make you a bespoke basket.

Something Personalized

Giving something personalized is another superb way to ensure that your client will never forget you. Something that they will use every day is a great idea; a pen, for example, or a computer mouse. As long as the gift is of good quality and the personalization is accurate (make sure their name is spelt absolutely correctly!) then the ‘what’ is less important than the thought behind it. However, a useful, practical object might work in your favor since they will think of you every time they use it!


Business is a tough place to be, so it’s essential that everyone gets a little downtime every now and again. Giving a well-being gift will ensure that your client gets exactly that. It could be a spa voucher where they can pick a treatment such as a facial or a massage, or perhaps it’s a range of goodies that can be used in the shower or in the tub. As long as it makes them feel good, it’s the perfect gift.


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