How to Provide the Best Customer Support Via Your Website

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Why is customer experience so important to a business? Simply put, offering a poor customer experience will ensure your business goes nowhere. It’s the difference in being able to compete with the competition so improving that section of the business will pay dividends. However, it’s not just the customer experience you offer; it’s also the support that comes with it. While many businesses have phone lines to cater to the needs of their customers, others choose to offer support in other effective ways, some of which are outlined below.

Online Chat Features

One of the most popular website support options right now is online chat. An online chat feature does take time out of the day to provide and more often than not, you’ll always get clients wasting your time. However, it’s still something that should be strongly considered so your customers can get in contact with you as soon as problems arise. Live chat features make businesses look more professional and much more willing to help customers out.

In-depth Knowledgebase

A knowledge base is also an excellent addition to any website. It provides plenty of knowledge and guides so customers can help themselves when it comes to problems or other issues. This will significantly relieve stress on your support department and they’ll have a lot less work, giving them the chance to undertake other tasks when the time permits. It’s recommended you regularly add help guides and other information to the knowledge base, so customers know you’re actively trying to improve customer support. Go with a web hosting provider like – they offer a cPanel solution so you can easily integrate a knowledge base using the scripts provided.

FAQ Page

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page could be the difference in higher efficiency in your support department. A simple FAQ addition could relieve support requests because answers can be found by the customers themselves. The simple page displays questions that clients constantly ask via other support methods. It also means you only have to answer such questions just once instead of hundreds of times every month.

Support Ticketing Features

Another handy support feature that all websites should have is the support ticketing system. This is a handy way to quickly tackle support requests and organise requests that need multiple replies. Such systems offer a host of benefits to both employees and customers and should always be a strong consideration if you don’t already have one.

Simple Online Forms

Some customers don’t wish to get in contact you via the other means and instead just prefer the basic online form methods. It’s a simple implementation to your site that isn’t going to cost a lot, so it’s something that should be considered to help improve the customer experience for your clients.

The above are just some of the many support methods your website can use to help improve customer support. Customer support is one of the most crucial things when it comes to business so always do what you can to improve it – starting with the integration of the above support features.



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