How To Get Your Ecommerce Customers Coming Back For More

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On top of attracting new customers to your online store, it pays to find ways of attracting return customers. There are many ways to build loyal customers when running an ecommerce business. Here are just several strategies to consider.

Encourage customers to sign up to your mailing list

By encouraging customers to join your mailing list, you can keep them up to date with new products and deals via emails, potentially persuading customers to return. You can get customers to opt in to your mailing site while making their first purchase on your site. Some companies also use pop-ups on their website to ask visitors to sign up. Never sign up customers to your mailing list without consent and make sure to use a suitable automated bulk mailing tool

Encourage customers to follow you on social media

You can also keep customers updated on products and deals by encouraging them to follow you on social media. This may persuade certain customers to make a return purchase. Provide clear CTA buttons on your site that allow customers to follow your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with a simple click. You can even ask people if they’d like to sign to social media during the checkout process.

Set up a loyalty discount scheme

When customers create an account with you on your site, use a record of their purchases to set up a loyalty discount scheme. For every purchase they make from your site, you could allow them to accumulate points which they can then spend to secure discounts and freebies via your site. You could even provide a one off discount to every customer that shops a second time.

Choose a fast and reliable courier

An aspect that can make or break an ecommerce company is the quality of their delivery. Slow delivery times or mishandling of goods (such as leaving your product in an unsuitable place outside their home where it could get damaged or stolen) could put off customers from coming back. Make sure to research courier companies and choose a company that has a good reputation. 

Throw in small extras with your delivery

You can also encourage customers to return by throwing in small extras with your delivery as a courtesy. These could be small useful extras such as free batteries with an electric toy or a free plectrum with a guitar. This could include promotional products such as a branded hanger with some clothes or a branded mouse mat with a computer mouse – these small products can be great for promoting your business and increasing brand exposure. Alternatively, you could throw in some vouchers to offer new customers a discount on their next purchase. 

Ask customers to leave a review

A follow-up email asking customers to leave a review can be a way of not just encouraging reviews but encouraging return customers. By sending this follow-up email a week or two after the purchase, you could remind customers of your company and encourage them to have another browse on your site.

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