Hong Kong Heights – Things to Keep in Mind When Expanding into Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a sprawling city full to the brim with business opportunities to overseas investors, and your company expanding into Hong Kong might be the best thing to happen to you in your working lifetime. With meetings set and potential partners and investors interested, it’s time to knuckle down and do your research about what is and is not acceptable as far as business practices go in Hong Kong’s business culture. For instance, getting your own office space in which to host business meetings is a good idea, as this shows commitment to the business dealings you are meeting to discuss. Virtual offices are a good way to set these office spaces up without spending money hand over fist for room to host meetings, and to set one up you only need to follow this website link. For more suggestions, simply read the rest of our list of things to keep in mind when expanding into Hong Kong

Temperament is Vital

In western culture, a hearty laugh and a high-energy businessman doesn’t go astray when setting up certain business dealings, such as sporting venues and bars, however in Hong Kong, your temperament can very seriously affect your chances of success with business people. Getting angry or impatient in business dealings is considered poor form, and can hurt the outcome of your meeting, while being too lax and unconcerned can have a similar effect. Keeping yourself calm, but committed to your business deal is the best, most respectable way to proceed according to Hong Kong’s business culture, and so it is what you should strive for in your meetings.

Follow Suit

Showing up to any business event without formal attire isn’t acceptable behavior. Wearing a full suit with a button down shirt and tie is essential, even when just attending work dinners. You might think this restaurant/bar meal has a more neat-casual clothing vibe, but you’d be absolutely wrong in Hong Kong. Stick to your formal suits, and you won’t have any problems, and you also stand to be seen in a more favorable light if you don’t have to be told this by your prospective business partners, as it shows you take initiative and research appropriately beforehand.

Politeness Overload

In Hong Kong, you can never be too polite to your business associates. Receive their business cards face up and read them before carefully stowing them in your specialized card storage box, and give them yours. Only when you have both shaken hands and done this can your business properly begin, and if you don’t have a card for them, you run the risk of insulting them by implying that you don’t want to make a connection with them. Be sure to send them a formal thank-you card after dinners and other events you are invited to, and you will remain in good stead with your gracious hosts. At the end of your trip, host your business associates for a dinner as a sign of respect and gratitude for the connections made and the time well spent in Hong Kong, this is important as it shows your new associates that they are appreciated and their importance is not understated.

Hong Kong can be a great business opportunity for anyone with the right kind of company and a good sense of how to act, and even though your success or failure could hang on the correct way to accept a business card, the end result of a profitable and enjoyably challenging business venture in Hong Kong is worth the effort.

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