Finding Work For Your Business Without The Marketing

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When you read about business success in the modern world, marketing is often heralded as the key to the money organizations are able to make. Being able to persuade people to buy something from you on a mass scale is a big challenge, and it makes sense that marketing can play such a big role in this. For small businesses, though, you don’t always need to generate the leads and sales that would come from marketing. There are loads of other ways to find work in the modern world, and this post is going to give you everything you need to start moving in this direction.


Many people haven’t heard of eTenders before they get into running their own business, but this simple tool can be an excellent way to find your first few clients. Businesses will post eTenders when they have a project or job that they need to handle but would like to use the services of another company. This means that they aren’t the best option for businesses selling products, but they can be great for service providers like plumbers, web designers, and construction companies. The details of an eTender will usually be agreed before the work starts, ensuring that both parties know exactly what to expect before the ground is broken.

Freelance Platforms

Freelance work has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with loads of people around the world deciding to work like this in the modern age. Of course, though, most of these workers aren’t spending their days making social media posts or selling themselves through phone calls; they’re using platforms like Upwork and Freelancer to find their jobs. Loads of platforms have popped up like this over the last few years, giving you access to a wealth of job options that wouldn’t have been available to you under normal circumstances. It can take some time to get used to finding work this way, but it’s well worth it when you succeed.

Local SEO

Okay, so it would be wrong to say that local SEO isn’t a form of marketing, but it involves far less work than traditional SEO, and you won’t have to keep improving it as time goes on. Instead, you can use tools like Google My Business to post your website into searches, ensuring that those who look for companies like yours will find it if they are close enough to you. Of course, this means that you may miss out on some searches, but this is far less effort than working to create blogs, backlinks, and a site that is optimized for searches.

With this in mind, you should be feeling ready to make a start on finding work for your business without having to worry about marketing. A lot of people worry about issues like this, finding it hard to know whether or not they are taking the right steps to help themselves. Of course, though, as time goes on, you will find more and more ways to 

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