Do’s And Don’ts When Shipping Your Goods Abroad

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Do's And Don'ts When Shipping Your Goods Abroad

Not every business owner will want or need to ship their products abroad, but for those that do, there are advantages. For one, they stand to make a profit if they can reach new customers, as they can target demographics outside of their own country. And two, they can kickstart growth, as trading overseas is one way to expand a business.

Still, it’s not always plain sailing (forgive the pun). Business owners looking to crack international markets should consider the do’s and don’t of shipping overseas as mistakes can be made. We will look at a few of them here, so take heed if you’re planning to expand into international markets.

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DO: Make Sure Your Product Is Compliant

Are you allowed to sell your product overseas? Some items are illegal in other countries so there will be issues at customs if you try to ship something that is against regulations. Commit to research before choosing a country to sell your product, and check the type and specifications of your product with the standards of the country you are planning to export to.

DON’T Assume There Is A Market For Your Product

Your product might sell well in this country, but that doesn’t mean you will make many sales elsewhere. Within your market research, you should check for businesses such as yours who might already be shipping their products abroad. Aim for countries that aren’t already being covered. You should also check the viability of your product to overseas customers. Will they want to use it? Is it something they need in their daily life? By finding the answers to questions such as these, you will save both time and money if you discover there isn’t a market for what you’re selling.

DO Compare Shipping Costs

If you already sell to the domestic market, this will be something you have probably done already. You can make savings by choosing cheaper freight and courier services. You should also compare shipping costs when choosing to sell your products overseas. Of course, cheap doesn’t always equate to quality, so you should also make sure the company you choose is reliable. A company such as Unishippers can help you navigate the complexities of international shipping and they promise affordable UPS International shipping if you choose their services. Check the link and then commit to further research online.

DON’T Ship Without Insurance

You’re not legally obliged to insure your goods, but it is sensible to do so. With marine insurance, you will have cover against damage and losses for your goods while they are in transit. As you will appreciate, mistakes can be made, especially when shipping your products over long distances, as they will pass through several hands. Insurance will give you peace of mind, even if your goods ship successfully.

We haven’t covered every do and don’t here, but you get the picture. Always do your research before shipping abroad, as there will be much you need to consider when exporting your goods. For more information, continue your research online to protect the greater needs of your business.

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