Cultivate Personal Bonds with Clients with the help of corporate greeting cards and more this holiday

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Treat this holiday season as the infallible re-engagement opportunity with your clients. Christmas is the time when your prospects are willing to spend. However, that does not really guarantee easy profits for you. Marketers have to work hard to secure the pulse of the audience in a bid to ensure that you are in the right direction as far as cultivating your personal ties with your clients is concerned. Your clients basically are bombarded with promotions at this time of the year and there is no guarantee that they are going to open each and every offer which hits their inboxes. In order to strike the right chord with them you have to bring something really special on board. Here are a few marketing strategies that can really turn out helpful in making brand promotions stand out and drive sales.

Corporate Electronic Greeting Cards

To start off with, we will repeat what we have already said. Make the most of this holiday season to reconnect with previous clients. And there is no better way to initiate this than by the help of holiday ecards for business. You might as well rule out greeting cards from your overall marketing strategy, thinking that they are old-fashioned. However, in the age of instant messaging, their appeal remains unassailable. You can initiate that much needed positive equation by targeting your clients properly with the use of targeting software. While choosing these cards, you will be able to filter peers on the basis of individuals and businesses and send cards accordingly. Since you can customize and personalize these cards (almost to your heart’s content) make sure that you are not sending the same card to all your clients since different groups are driven by different preferences.

Co-host events

Consider Co-hosting an event with another business in your locality. It does not matter whether you are a retail store or a Main Shop, you can always rely on the power of cross promotions to lure prospects. Brainstorm and come up with a few names of businesses dealing in to similar products as that of yours. If the business is likely to benefit from this kind of exposure (i.e. hosting a pre holiday promotional event together) then there is no reason, why the owner would refuse to get on board. A designer, for instance, can team up with a leading fashion label and visit the store to answer prominent fashion queries from purchasers.

Mobile Marketing

Don’t hesitate to initiate a dialogue with your consumers. Today around 16 to 20 percent of the holiday sales are projected via mobile devices. Inform your customers about mobile centric campaigns exclusively designed for mobile users so as to positively impact their motivation to purchase. There are regular cases of cart abandonment on mobile devices. So, get your act right when it comes to tracking and retargeting.

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