Competing In The Marketing Contest: How To Strive For Victory

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Any successful entrepreneur knows that marketing is one sure fire way to make your business work. It opens up many doors of opportunities to secure business from all kinds of directions and avenues. The great thing about the marketing sector is that there are many different options you can consider. Some will work better than others when it comes to different industries and niches. Not all of us make the most of our marketing strategies when it comes to our businesses. Perhaps we place too much focus on what we think we should be doing, rather than what actually works and gets us the best and most positive results. As it such a  varied topic I thought I would share with you some of the different ways you can develop strategies. Who knows? It may even present you with a few new ideas to try out yourself.


Networking is a powerful resource of knowledge and opportunity

 There was a time when the only way people would communicate in regards to the industry they were working in was via networking events. That was a time before the internet, Google searches and of course, the quick and rapid social media. However, networking events are a great way to gain some insider knowledge. Not just on industry led things, but also experience from co-workers and people having worked within that industry for some time. Sometimes experience like that just can’t be found in a blog post or internet search.

Networking events are also a great way to work with partners, but it can also help you gain a better understanding of some of the other sectors. Many industries have subsidiary areas in which people can work in, all of which can help you in regards to the marketing. Plus networking really enables you to cement your footing and make your presence known.


Social media is such a flexible option, do you know all the ways you can utilize it?

 All of us are aware of the importance of social media these days, especially for smaller businesses and startups. Competent uploads and consistency in content are all very important factors or a successful social media strategy. However, there are some other ways you can make more of your platforms, and, of course, increase the reach you do have with potential new clients and customers. Incentivise your followers by adding discount or competitions to increase following and reach. People can share your pages or profiles with their followers and so on and so forth. You could also consider humanizing your business and giving it more of a voice, using social media platforms like Instagram Stories to give a behind the scenes look at your picture perfect Instagram feed. You could use functions like Facebook Live to give insight into your business and how you do things. These are all things that people love to view, so take advantage of the curiosity aspect of social media and share more content and more of your business. This could really benefit your already successful social media strategy.

Events and making a dent within your local community

 More people are considering businesses local, thanks to shop local trend and initiative that seems to be sweeping up the business sector. This is when you may want to become the expert in your field locally, which could work wonders for your word of mouth advertising. Better still, using events and getting involved in local festivities could also boost your credibility within the community. This could even work by joining forces with local charities for events like hosting and sponsorship. It could be as simple as getting yourself a marquee or tent and setting up shop at a fete, a charity event or a local fair. It’s a great way of face to face advertising. Websites like a great selection to help you choose. Furthermore, this sort of marketing strategy works well in conjunction with your social media feeds, using the vent as a chance for additional footfall by advertising your whereabouts and what you are up to.


TV and radio advertising is making a comeback

There used to be a time when you would only hear about companies through a TV advert or by listening to the radio in the car in the home. However, when businesses wanted to use social media instead, the tv and radio advertising world took a small hit. More people decided to trust advertising on the internet instead. But, more people are reinvesting back into Tv and radio advertising, and this sort of exposure could work well. Websites like could really help. Working with local radio stations often means the cost is relatively low compared to some national corporations. Meaning you can put your focus on your community once more and coincide it with other marketing strategies.

There is still logic in direct mailing

 Many businesses have begun to shy away from marketing via direct mails. However, this can still be very lucrative. You will always find that a tv advert will miss some people, and there are, believe it or not, people young and old who choose not to share their lives on social media. Direct mailing means you cover all angles and as long as you get the artwork and message right, your mailer could be seen by plenty of people. Of course, there are still many flyers landing on our doorsteps each day, and so it is important to ensure that your particular advertisement is striking and attractive with a big enough message. Other people use direct mailing addressed to someone with much better success.


Take a step further and market through emails and newsletters

 Sticking with a direct mailing theme, you could also utilize any email addresses obtained through sales and inquiries and bring together a mailing list for newsletters or advertising. As long as the customers have agreed for such advertising to be sent. This is something that lands directly into their email inbox and has great success rates with click-throughs to your website.

Focusing on a key message throughout

Finally, it’s important to ensure that you focus on a key message, and any marketing that you strategize with has the same one. Consistency is essential for success.

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