4 Things the Pandemic Has Taught Businesses About Marketing

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The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic will go down in history as one of the worst health events to hit the world. Business operations are struggling to deal with the economic impact of the pandemic. On the other hand, the pandemic has brought with it lessons about business marketing and the importance of becoming an authority in your niche. Digital marketing has benefitted the most, as it’s been established that more than half of global website traffic originates from mobile devices. Here are some lessons on marketing that the pandemic has taught businesses.

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1. Establishing a gainful client base involves time

4 Things the Pandemic Has Taught Businesses About Marketing

About a decade ago, digital marketing took off and many companies took advantage of the opportunities it presented; customers could engage in business activities online. Therefore, when the pandemic struck, these businesses could easily adjust to the introduced means of business transactions. This means they already built a solid customer base who engaged in repetitive business with them. They maintained a stable revenue stream and nurtured clients around their product (brand). In effect, the pandemic proves that no company builds a customer base overnight; it takes years of consistent hard work to maintain that trust.

2. Data should inform your content choice

The feedback, suggestions, reviews, and comments your business gets from your customers should be taken into significant consideration. A U.S. survey discovered that more than 60% of consumers preferred positive content about the pandemic from their preferred brands. This data proves why most known brands, especially in the Hospitality industry, ensure safety measures in their facilities. They listened to the opinions generated by their data and took steps to design good content.

3. Move towards helpful opportunities

Across the world, people are in dire need of solutions to problems brought on by COVID-19. During this time of helplessness, businesses have learned to ease the stresses of individuals by offering valuable opportunities for communities. For example, the Yellowstone Forever Foundation saw an opportunity to embark on a virtual park program for people. All National Parks have been closed due to the pandemic, making it impossible for frequent (or potential) visitors to utilize these facilities. By creating this virtual opportunity, customers could enjoy the facilities in a much unique way. This also acts as a marketing strategy to attract new customers to ease tension among the interested public and increase their customer base.

4. It is unnecessary to be on every digital channel

4 Things the Pandemic Has Taught Businesses About Marketing

What benefit is it to represent every digital channel when it fails to generate your business’ desired results? While some companies dwelt on organic marketing strategies, others resorted to paid social media marketing. The immediate response by companies was to be in touch with their target market at all costs. Although this is understandable, the need to focus only on digital marketing platforms, which get you results, should be your priority.

You may have already realized there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. The world is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, but avid business operators see it as an opportunity to learn new lessons and strategize to meet their business objectives.

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