3 Proven Ways to Earn More Revenue From Your Blog

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You have probably heard of people minting millions from their blogs. As a blog owner, you wonder how they can make that much money from a website. Perhaps you, too, wish you could make more from your blog.

Well, if you are looking to increase revenue from your blog, here are three tried-and-tested ways to do it.

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Have a Terrific Website

If you are to earn money from your blog, it has to be excellent. People will generally spend time on nice websites. And to make money from your site, you need readers.

Start by creating a free site using this free website builder. Choose an elegant theme, and make your site easy to navigate. Ensure that people can navigate your site easily because this could make or break your blog.

After creating a great site, then you need to make equally amazing content. As a blogger, you have probably identified a niche that works well for you. Now it is time to capitalize on your expertise by pouring quality content that pulls readers to your site.

Establishing consistent traffic is the first step in earning big bucks from your site.

Approach Businesses

The next step in this three-step strategy is approaching businesses so you can partner with them. Depending on your overall traffic, companies may be willing to shell thousands so you can promote their products and services on your blog.

You ought to be strategic about the companies you approach. Make a list of businesses whose products relate to your content, then identify those who need publicity through your blog. These are the ones that will pay you to advertise their products.

You can enhance a company’s marketing efforts in numerous different ways. The first, and the most common, is to encourage your readers to buy products from your business partner. You can also review the services or products of various brands at a fee.

Another publicity tactic is to have some posts on your blog sponsored by specific brands. This is a particularly effective strategy because it is not as aggressive as other advertising methods. Many brands are willing to sponsor content on blogs for a small fee, so take advantage of this.

Offer Services

A blog gives you the unique opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche. If you run a food blog, for instance, people are likely to trust your culinary skills. If you write a lot about passive income, your readers will consider you a personal finance guru.

You can turn this trust into money by rendering services in your niche. For instance, a food blogger can open a part-time catering business, while a personal finance writer can offer consulting services.

The best thing about this approach to making money is you already have an established client base. This makes marketing a lot easier, and you can earn a lot of money offering such services.


If you run a successful blog, you really should consider making it an additional source of revenue. Fortunately, this won’t cost you much time or effort. Just follow the tips on this post, and you can start earning some income from your blog.

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