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There is no substitute for legitimate media coverage. No amount of SEO, SEM, or search-driven press release schemes will obtain legitimate media. Bottom-line you need a well formulated PR plan to obtain press and nothing matches the power of real media coverage from real media outlets. Anything else just isn’t worth the time or the money so do it right or don’t do it.

Using the countless free press release distribution services – or even those who charge a small fee – to distribute numerous press releases to the media. These organizations sell their services with the rationalization that even if you don’t get media coverage; their service will get you plenty of Google or search ranking. My experience, to be a direct, is “so what?” A Google ranking on a press release that never received news coverage is not a valuable thing. It also lacks the third-party credibility that comes with legitimate press coverage. Remember press releases were called NEWS releases as in news worthy figure out how to make it news worthy or save your time and money. Unless you’re after search rankings or you have another objective.

In order to get the desired response, you have to provide quality content to their audience, make editors or producer’s job easier. Example, press releases that focus on tips for their readers from your position as an expert not only help the journalist do their job better but it also positions you as a valued resource. And in today’s media world, when so many news organizations are short on staffed and long press releases and information, those that provide valuable information to editors, reporters and producers are the ones that get rewarded.

How do you get media coverage for a pizza? Tie the pizza into the news. How? For instance during cold & flu season a garlic pizza that fights the common cold would probably get media coverage. So how can you connect your product or service with the news?

When consulting with clients or speaking to groups, the principal message I try to covey is that the media is not interested in selling your products or service. Their role is to provide newsworthy content for their audience. So give them what the want.

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