6 "Must Have" Leadership Skills

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Here’s the bottom line: if your in business you must be able to motivate, organize, and inspire others, there are certain skills that you need to make your organization successful. Here are 6 “Must Have” leadership skills.

1) Be able to recognize strengths among your team members in order to work effectively with each one. Being able to see and utilize these strengths accordingly, allows a leader to motivate and delegate on a stronger level for better results.

2) Encourage suggestions and input on procedures from everyone. In order for people to feel motivated to make change or improve, they have to have some ownership of the process and believe their contributions are important.

3) Allow individuals to solve problems. A leader’s job is not to do everything but to grow confidence in others, to grow more leaders, allowing for others to grow through problem solving builds confidence and new leaders. The more people learn, the more they are inspired to learn, and the more they accomplish, the harder they will work toward future goals.

4) Understanding the personal goals of each of the people on my team. Everyone has their own motivations for doing things. By understanding what makes people work, we are better able to find ways to keep them engaged and moving ahead.

5) Provide consistent and appropriate rewards and praise. William James once said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” Here is a real human hunger, and the rare individual who honestly satisfies this great hunger will hold people in the palm of his hand. Even the undertaker will be sorry when he dies. Never forget to be truthful and kind. Remember, everyone needs to be recognized for their efforts and contributions.

6) Motivating the team While each individual’s efforts are invaluable, the team as a whole must learn to work together to make effective change.

7) It’s impossible for a leader to be invisible and make progress. In order to achieve accomplish goals, team members and individuals need a leader who can create a working environment that encourages communication, understanding, respect, and support among the people.

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