Summer internships aren’t the same

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Hybrid work is reshaping the summer internship experience, according to a Financial Times report. On the one hand, it’s making it harder for many interns to impress employers and establish meaningful connections, leaving some young professionals feeling lonely and disconnected from their jobs. But remote work has also brought opportunities for many: virtual internships seem to have improved diversity and accessibility of these roles, per the report, and more interns are getting face time with senior leadership in virtual meetings and calls.

How can companies effectively integrate virtual and in-person experiences to enhance the overall intern experience and build meaningful connections? Join the conversation.


By Riva Gold, Editor at LinkedIn News

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🚀✨ Maximising a Remote Internship in a Tech Startup ✨🚀

Hey everyone! 👋 It’s July and the start of summer internships. This year like every year since 2020, many of them will be hybrid. So it is an ideal time for sharing some tips that worked for me during my remote internship with Project Brains last year. 💻🌟

1️⃣ Set clear goals
Define what you want to achieve during your internship. Share your goals with the team and seek their input on them.
Mine were to help a B2B community grow and personally to evaluate whether to have extended work experience or return to formal education.

2️⃣ Regular communication
As a remote team member, effective comms is vital.
Scheduled check-ins with the supervisor, mentors and the team worked well for me, to discuss progress and seek feedback.

3️⃣ Take initiative
Go beyond your tasks. Offer to take on additional responsibilities and projects aligned with your interests. Raise your hand and show enthusiasm!
Everyone on our team and in our community loved it when I offered to do something for them.

4️⃣ Seek feedback and ask questions
Actively seek input from your boss and colleagues. Commit to improve things and help others.
I found, even as an intern with limited experience, there was a lot I could offer.

5️⃣ Network with colleagues
Even remotely, connect with your team as individuals.
I found that to build kinship, I often had to share a bit about me and make an effort to learn about them.

6️⃣ Learn from others
Observe and learn from your colleagues.
I learnt both what I should do and what I should ideally avoid.

7️⃣ Utilise online resources
Take advantage of the flexibility of remote work. Access online courses, tutorials, and industry blogs to expand your knowledge.
I often asked for training and paywall access, when I needed it. Sometimes the answer wasn’t positive but it was always worth asking.

8️⃣ Document achievements
Keep a diary of your tasks, projects and positive feedback. Use it to validate your progress, and reuse it for future resumes, recommendations and interviews.
And it is a great record to see how far I have come!

9️⃣ Reflect and evaluate
Regularly assess your progress and growth. Consider your initial goals, be open to what others suggest.
I found work to be a lot more meandering and u-turn-y than I had imagined.

I hope y’all embrace the opportunities of internships this summer and come back excited about your Future in Work. 🌟💼💪

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