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Making a good first impression as a business and as an individual is something which is incredibly important for you to do if you want to be successful in your endeavours. As a business owner it is your duty to make a good impression to the public and to show off who you are and what you can do for them. Today we are going to take a little look at the best ways for you to make a winning impression with other people and businesses.

The first impression counts

As you will know from meeting anyone, whether it be a business or a person, those first 10 seconds count for a whole lot and you can gain a huge impression from someone just by the way they hold themselves, their attitude and they way they look. The same thing goes for your business and this is why it is super important for you to make a great first impression with everyone you meet. For example if you are going for a meeting with a client you will want to be dressed up smartly and smiling. If you are at a trade show exhibiting you’ll want to have a fun stand designed by someone like Infinity Exhibits to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the first thing someone thinks about you as a person and a brand is something good.

Listen more than you talk

One of the main things which you need to make sure to do in a meeting is not to talk too much. Although you want to get across your points and make sure your opinions are heard, you don’t want to take over the conversation and butt in at every possible turn. Make sure that you are always listening carefully to what people say and be sure that you maintain eye contact and ask them questions about what they are saying. Showing that you have a genuine interest in a person can make a big difference and it will make them like you more.

Praise people

One way which you can make a great impression with people and other businesses is to praise them and tell them what they have done right. There is never a time when people don’t want to be praised, and when it comes to making a great impression with people, the more praise you can give, the happier they will be. If you think someone has done a great job and they deserve some recognition for it make sure to tell them. It can make someone’s day and as a result they will remember you as the one who said it.

Be ready to give

As a person and a business it is always a good idea for you to be generous and show that you are willing to give for your relationship. Be open to offers and collaborations with other brands for example and be sure that you always welcome suggestions and new ideas with open arms. Give people your time, attention, collaboration… and they will follow you.

Give them your full attention

If you want to make a good impression in business, you need to be sure that whenever someone is talking to you, you give them your full undivided attention. This is super important for you to do because if you are working on other things or acting uninterested this can make other people feel uncomfortable and it will not give them a good impression of you. Always put things away and be willing to give people your full, undivided attention.

Don’t be self important

The worst thing that you can do as a person and as a business is to act as if you are better than everyone else in the room, and even if you are the manager or the owner of a business you need to be sure that you always treat everyone else like they are your equals. Once you strip down the titles and the pay slips, everyone is just a person and you need to make sure that you treat everyone with the same level of respect that you would want for yourself.

Make time for others

When you are ran off your feet with work it can be incredibly hard for you to make time for other people, but in business it is all about working as a team and collaborating in a useful way and you will want to make time to listen to other people and help them with their projects. As a manager especially you can make a great impression with the people who work for you by showing them that you are willing to take time out of your day to speak to them and support them in their career.

Think before you speak

If you are a huge culprit when it comes to verbal diarrhoea, you need to start thinking more carefully about how you act and speak, and you need to think before you let a sentence leave your lips. It is so important in the business world to be careful with what you say to other people, because the wrong word or phrase can leave a lasting impression and it can make them less likely to give you their support and their business.

Keep mistakes to yourself

If there is someone you work with, or someone who works for you, who has made a mistake and failed at a task, don’t tell anyone. If you want to build trust with your workers and a good relationship with others you need to be sure that you don’t gossip about them behind their back. It is super important for you to stay neutral in these situations and it will make all the difference to you.

Admit your mistakes

If you have made a costly mistake and you have cost the business money or you have had an impact on your workers, you need to step up and take responsibility for it. Doing this will show that you are mature and that you can be trusted and this is a valuable thing for you to have as a business and as a person working in business.

Be transparent

When leading a team you will always want to make sure that everyone trusts you and also that they want to work hard for you as a person as well as for the business. One way to do this is building a sense of teamwork and you can do this by sharing issues and projects with your workers. If you are thinking of hiring someone new for the team, tell everyone and get them involved in the process. If you are struggling with a project, ask your team for their opinions. Teamwork is the most vital part of a business and to make a great impression with your workers this can be a wonderful thing to do.

Get online

The final thing you will want to do to make a great impression for your business is to get online and be sociable. We all have social media accounts and companies such as Wendys have hilarious social media accounts which make a great impression for the brand and the people too. Try to engage more with your audience and show them that you are fun people behind the logo. It will help you to build up a loyal audience who trusts you and genuinely enjoys to interact with you online, which can be great for your reputation.

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