Ash Seddeek and Leslie A. Rubin – Meaning How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity During Times of Crisis and Opportunity

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Ash Seddeek is a best-selling author and Speaker. Co-Founder of the Executive Greatness Institute, a San Francisco leadership communications consulting agency. Ash coaches leaders, experts and entrepreneurs on to Speak To Serve, lead strategically and have impactful executive presence.

Leslie A. Rubin is CEO of Image Matterz Consulting, a global executive and strategic communications consultancy. Leslie is focused on helping leaders develop their business  communications skills and executive brand. Leslie has worked with C-suite business leaders at Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, and SAP.

Why did you decide to write this book? How did you go about doing this? Writing a book is not for the faint of heart? What are some of the leadership behaviors you identified? How does this relate to what leaders are going through today? How can listeners reach out to you and what help would you be able to provide them? Why you Ash and Leslie and not someone else?

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