4 Tips for Implementing a Bulk SMS Campaign

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SMS campaigns are often planned messages sent out to a few loyal followers or subscribers. Bulk SMS campaigns are a different matter entirely.

To perform effective marketing through bulk SMS campaigns, it’s necessary to do it correctly and with the goal of getting an effective response rate from the effort. Here are 4 tips for doing just that.

Use a Respectable Bulk SMS Sender

Not all SMS senders are created equal. Some will send many messages out, cut corners along the way, or simply accidentally miss out on many of the people from the recipient list. When their technology is inferior or only works intermittently, then it becomes difficult to know what has been sent and those messages that didn’t make it.

Using a better service provider like Tatango provides the assurance that bulk SMS will be managed professionally. For campaigns of significant importance, that’s highly relevant to clients.

Stay within the Law and Common Decency

SMS messages must be only sent to recipients who have already given their approval to receive them. Certain types of messages including political ones can have greater requirements, but it’s always better to avoid an SMS blast to everyone just because they were once on a list.

Approval can be provided on a web form for existing customers. This might be as a prompt the next time they log into the company’s website to confirm if they do not mind receiving marketing SMS messages. A confirmation of their current cell number isn’t a bad idea either.

Speak to the Intended Audience

Knowing your audience is key in any marketing efforts. The same is true with bulk SMS marketing too.

People want to find an SMS message useful to them in some way. To do that, targeting it properly with relevant language, and items of interest matters greatly.

For instance, an Adobe customer might appreciate receiving a marketing message about a major new version of the software they already use. Because they already use it, it will be seen as useful information and may prompt them to upgrade.

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Provide Value to the Recipient, Not Just the Sender

Always have the recipients in mind, even with a bulk SMS campaign. While it’s a message that’s going out to many people at one time, the value should be present for both parties.

Depending on what you’re offering, see if a free product offer is beneficial? If running contests get customers to re-engage with the brand, then targeting past customers who haven’t purchased in the last year might work well. Even a BOGO sale promotion could prove enticing to a targeted list of people who’ve bought at a discount before.

Look for the connection between what you can offer the recipient and what they’ll be interested in hearing about. Don’t always assume just because the SMS is going out that it’ll be welcomed. Find the common ground to have higher response rates.

Bulk SMS campaigns need to be well-managed to obtain a good ROI. When they provide value and don’t cross unnecessary lines, then they can be an invaluable marketing tool for businesses.

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