Michael Jordan – Becoming Legendary

June 29, 2010 8:02 am1 commentViews: 28

Michael Jordan provides the ultimate motivation with a journey through his legacy that challenges you to look beyond your limits and rise to your potential.


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  • You will like Michael Jordan’s 60 second message: http://mjordan.ez1ceo.com What he said is so true. Nobody wants to know or see anything that takes away from that you owe me image.

    I’m out cruising the internet and found you by clicking your name on Mike’s Blog (TPE) about your tip for increasing income fast…it make be laugh loud and wish you had told us about it sooner, like in the 80’s

    Mr. Martinez had a big YELLOW BOOK ADS picture so right then I tought how dumb this guy must be, yellow page ad?? So I read it for that reason only to find out we all should have been finding our competitors big yellow page ads, the big ones work the best – call your phone company and have all the disconnected numbers ring over at your business now!