What a Side Hustle Can Teach You About Your Main Hustle

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Call it a “side hustle” or another stream of income, when you are looking to develop your entrepreneurial skillset, there will be times that you have to work on something extra. You may be growing a business, but you have to remember that becoming an entrepreneur is not just about focusing on your passions, but it’s about learning the fine art of business. A side hustle is another crucial lesson for individuals to learn. But what does it take to set up this on the side in an efficient manner, and what can you learn from it?

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The Side Hustle Will Be Competitive

When you are setting up any form of side hustle, you have to remember that being competitive is not just something you should dedicate to your own business. You must remember that finding any work is about fine-tuning and honing these skills. Any freelance website results in a significant amount of bids for a job, and this is the perfect arena to fine-tune your competitive skills. Even websites like Shiply encourage you to browse loads for shipping jobs and bid on them. And this is that something you can take directly into your own line of work. It’s a great lesson in becoming competitive for something that you don’t necessarily have an interest in. When we become a solopreneur, we may end up feeling only interested in our own endeavors. This can be a very blinkered approach to running a business, especially when you start to bring other people in. You’ve got to look at the big picture. By viewing the side hustle as an important aspect of developing your own business acumen, this will reap dividends.

The Fine Art of Working Smart, Not Working Hard

Something that you can directly apply to your side hustle and to your main stream of income. Arguably, this is something you might have already perfected while working at home, but need to streamline your efforts and work smart rather than work hard, you will maximize your productivity. When it comes to freelancing, there are tools that can help you to step up your game in terms of your project management. There are numerous workflow software packages that can help you. When we start out in the world of being an entrepreneur, we may feel that we’ve got to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly and work our fingers to the bone. If you have the right tools on your side at the outset, this will give you more opportunity for downtime and potentially get that work-life balance correct.

Stay Organized

Such a simple thing, but if you are trying to set up a mainstream of income but also have something on the side to fill in the gaps in your workload, organization is crucial. It’s not just about the right software, but it’s about making sure that you are setting aside the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to each approach. Working on the side means that it needs to stay on the side. If you end up dedicating more time than is necessary to your side hustle, this is not going to be the ideal use of your efforts.

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