The Perfect Morning Routine to Own Your Day

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The Perfect Morning Routine to Own Your Day

Mornings are hard. We get it. There are some habits you can put in place and some habits you can eliminate to make this part of the day less challenging. After all, “the early bird gets the worm.” Here is a morning routine that can help set you up for the perfect day!No Electronics

Scrolling through social media, checking your work emails, reading texts – all of it should not be the first thing you do before you even get out of bed. Yet, we know the feeling all too well of rolling over and reaching for our phones. It is such a habit that is best you rid yourself of. You have reviewed the life of hundreds of people before even brushing your teeth, and that can be problematic.

Try keeping your phone in another room when you go to bed or give yourself a “green light” time when you can be on your phone – at least thirty minutes after you get out of bed. (Another idea is listed later in this blog.)

It will be a challenge at first, but just like with any habit, you will get used to it. You will be better for it. Instead of starting the day by comparing yourself to others or involving yourself in mindless posts, you have time to reflect on yourself and the surroundings in front of you.

Get Outside

Speaking of the surroundings in front of you… get outside! Years of research have told us that nature has profound healing effects, both physical and mental. On top of that, absorbing precious vitamin D from the sun undoubtedly has a positive effect on your health. Nature has so many healing benefits, and that’s why establishments such as The Institute of Natural Health place a heavy focus on natural elements for health.

Tomorrow morning, allow yourself at least 5 minutes to sit in nature. Even if you don’t have trees surrounding you, a cozy porch, sit in the grass or pavement if you have to. What you should focus on is what is around you – the blue skies, the singing birds, all of the beauty nature provides.


Starting your day with a simple 5 or 10-minute meditation practice can have profound effects on your mood and focus. Simple mindful breathing techniques help train you to observe your thoughts as they come instead of being lost in them. It is easy to get carried away with what’s going on in your mind throughout the day, and starting the day with careful observation of the mind is a perfect way to prepare you to have more control and awareness of just what thoughts are coming and going.


Journaling can work as a perfect partner to meditation. The thoughts that come in sometimes need a place to settle and rest if they cannot easily pass through you. This is where journaling comes in. Writing out your thoughts and what you are feeling first thing in the morning can help you see where your mind is settling that day. Are you feeling restless? Are you worried about something in particular? Do you feel sad? Journaling will help you identify these questions and sort through them.

Move Your Body

 Exercise has so many benefits! Starting your day with just 10-15 minutes of light to moderate exercise can get you a jumpstart on your day. We know that the thought of working out first thing in the morning seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We aren’t asking you to clock in two hours at the gym or run a half marathon. Just have one simple goal: move for 10-15 minutes.

Your morning movement could look different each day depending on what you need. If you are feeling sore or stressed, yoga or some light stretching would be the most beneficial to you. You don’t have to push yourself, and it’s important to keep in mind that what you choose should be something you ENJOY. Otherwise, it’s counterintuitive. You don’t want to start the day off doing something you don’t like.

An easy goal to aim for would be a walk or a certain number of steps you want to get clocked before heading off to work. This could look like 2,000 steps before you eat breakfast. You could even factor this in with your abstaining from social media. You can create a rule for yourself: no phone until you’ve walked at least 2,500 steps.

Again, switch up your routine to what works for YOU and what you will be consistent in.

There are many other ways to help you jumpstart your day on the right foot like gratitude practice and eating a healthy breakfast. Give some of the tips a shot tomorrow morning and see how different your day goes! Keep it up over 30 days, and see how different your life goes.


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