How to Upgrade Your Morning Routine for a Better Day

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Not a morning person? You’re not alone.

Around the world, it is estimated that the majority of people prefer the afternoon and evening, and find waking up early and being productive in the morning to be difficult. Experts agree that the key to having a good day is establishing a solid morning routine in which you are able to prepare for the day ahead of you, but building a perfect morning routine can be hard. 

If you’re finding it hard to stay focused during a day in the office or in between appointments at Northwest Surgery Center, here are a few things you should incorporate into your morning routine that can help you have a better, more productive day. 
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Wake Up Earlier

While this might seem counterintuitive for those who don’t like the morning time, the truth is that waking up early and giving yourself a few hours to relax, get ready, and take time to yourself before a long day can actually lead to higher rates of productivity and focus during the day. If you find that your current morning routine is leaving you feeling groggy, tired, and unmotivated as the day goes on, it might be a sign that you need to wake up earlier. 

Prepare in Advance 

The key to starting your morning off on a good foot and accomplishing everything that you need to is making a to do list the night before. Listing everything you want to accomplish in the morning (such as working out, prepping documents for work, packing lunch, etc.) will help you start doing what you need to do to start your day, even if you wake up feeling tired. 

Avoid Your Phone 

The first thing that many people do when they wake up is check their phones. If you find yourself falling victim to this habit, it might be taking more of a toll on your mood and mental state throughout the day than you think. Instead of using your phone and scrolling through social media as soon as you wake up, try avoiding looking at any devices for the first hour of your day. During this time, it is a good idea to try to be mindful and present as you think of your upcoming responsibilities and your schedule throughout the day ahead.

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