The Key Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Business's New Website

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Your business’s website is one of the most crucial things that it has. You can’t afford to take your eye off the ball when it comes to the quality of your website. If you think that it’s a little past its use by date, now might be the time to make some changes. These changes can bring something new and interesting to your website. And it’s something that your visitors and customers should react positively to. But how do you go about creating an entirely new website for your business? It’s something that takes planning and time.

Don’t let the size and work involved in the task put you off though. There are some key things that you will need to keep in mind when you are designing a new website for your business. Below you will find all the details of the things that it’s most important to have on your business’s new website. If you can create a website that has all of these things, then your business will see the positives for many years to come. So, start reading now.

Purchase a Domain

First of all, you should aim to secure a domain name for your website. Even if you are using an existing platform to construct your website, such as WordPress, it’s still good to purchase a domain. Having your own dedicated and snappy domain will make it easier for people to reach your website. People will remember it more easily, and it should give a clearer idea of what your website and business are all about. The domain name you purchase should display the name of your company. This is the most sensible course of action to take, so keep it simple and opt for this approach. There is nothing worse than a complicated domain name.

Present Visitors with What They Want

Most people who arrive at your new website will be looking for something in particular. They want to see what they’re looking for displayed clearly for them when they arrive at your homepage. Of course, you can’t present everyone with what they want because different visitors want different things. But you should definitely have a series of calls to action that can be used to show people what you want them to do. They should be able to see their options in terms of where to click next as soon as they land on your homepage. This is something that you can work on and organise alongside your web designer when you’ve hired one.


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An Effective Visual Finish

The visuals of your website are very important. People judge a website very quickly when they first see it. So, if you want to create the right impression and win people over, you will need a visual finish that’s appealing and simple. If you try to do too much, it could come across as being over the top. That’s why it’s safer and easier if you keep it simple and focus on making it look appealing to anyone who visits your website. Website design services by SixtyMarketing can help you to achieve this, so don’t try to do it all by yourself. The task might overwhelm you a little if you don’t get the right professional support.


Your website is going to need to be fast as well. This will be largely decided by the hosting service you use. A good host will keep your website running smoothly and quickly around the clock. The internet is active 24 hours a day, so your website needs to be able to cope with this. If it can’t, then your business will miss out on online customers who are then forced to head to a competitor. That’s not what you want, so don’t let it happen. It would be a big mistake, and it could cost you dearly. There are other things that can have an impact on the speed of your website. Don’t try to fit too much onto one page because this can slow everything down too.


When your website is simple to use and navigate, it’s good for everyone. It’s best of all for the people who are visiting your website and want to save time. They should be able to navigate each page and reach the content that they’re looking for without any hassle or confusion. This is something that many websites still don’t achieve, so it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Many people are tempted to make their design and layout elaborate and complex. But this is not something that is particularly valued by the people who use your website, even if it might seem like a nice idea to you.

Mobile Responsivity

These days, many people simply don’t browse the internet in the same way they used to. Browsing on smartphones and tablets is increasing all the time, and it’s now overtaking desktop and laptop usage. So, you have to ensure that your new website is fully responsive. This means that it can adapt to the needs of the device on which the website is being viewed, on matter what it is. When you have a design like this, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently alienating a segment of the audience. You can’t afford to be behind the times, so make this one of your top priorities when you are designing your business’s new website.


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Social Accounts Links

Lastly, you should make sure that it’s easy for people to follow and find links to your social accounts. It’s pretty easy to add these buttons to your website, so make the most of them. You want as many people to be able to follow your accounts on social media sites, so don’t pass up the opportunity. All good websites give visitors the option to click an icon, whether it represents, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, located at the top of the page. Any content posted on the website should also be easy to share because this exposes more people to that content and your site.

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