Innovation in Different Industries

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Humankind’s growing technological advancements affect life as you know it. It goes beyond mere technology to new ideas creating a new world. Life in big Hollywood films such as Star Trek isn’t so far fetched with the continuing progress of technology. Dinosaurs inhabited the earth for longer than humans have, yet humans have created mind-altering innovations. Consider the Internet as an example; some could argue that the Internet is one of the greatest innovations around because a limitless amount of information can be found at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Another example is the cell phone which has changed human behavior and society as a whole across the world. Innovation affects people’s careers and thus different industries in society. Take, for example, the auto industry. Cars haven’t always been around. If you turn the clock back enough, horse and carriage was the common mode of transportation. Now, people have cars, subways, trains, buses and so on. This article draws attention to different levels of innovation across different industries in society.

Innovation can be seen in the architecture industries. New designs and available materials are constantly being improved upon. One example is an innovative architectural project is the Northern Island by SmithGroupJJR/Studio Gang Architects. It was a wetland peninsula turned into an urban wildlife habitat. It was an example of adaptive reuse, as the neglected structure was turned into something else with landscape architecture tools. Architecture affects businesses, homes, and landscapes around us as we know it. The innovation in architecture, in turn, affects the real estate industry as people’s expectations for homes or business buildings fluctuate. Architectural innovations can also be seen as symbolic icons in a city or country. For instance, the Empire State Building in New York City is a staple building. People from all over the world flock to see this awe-inspiring architectural building. It becomes a source of awe and is tied to a location’s culture. The same can be said for Paris’s world famous Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower in Toronto, and so on.

Even the automotive industry is changing on a regular basis, due to technological advancements and innovation. Take the example of hybrid or electric cars, as alternatives to oil. Fuel efficiency is big amongst the auto industry right now, as who can produce the car that is most fuel-efficient. Cars are now equipped with your smartphone, blue tooth, and so on. A long time ago, radio was a huge innovation. Now, people can listen to audio books and connect their phones while driving. Moreover, people can listen to music on their Spotify or iTunes accounts and link that to their car’s Bluetooth. Innovation in the auto industry changes people’s perceptions when it comes to what a car should look like and what it should be able to do.

Innovation in medicine helps people suffering from diseases and betters people’s lives. A long time ago, people didn’t realize that you had to wash your hands or were not as understanding when it came to germs. As these fields advance so does our knowledge. Advancements in medicine help people who are sick. There are preventative measures that everyone must take or vaccines, and it is the time and research put into medicine that helps progress move along. There is no progress in medicine without people putting their time and energy into finding the next cure. It is a highly important field and can change the course of someone’s life physically and mentally. By this, it is referring to people who face mental health problems or people who encounter diseases. The more medicine advances, the better society can assure that its citizens are healthy (and thereby living a happier life).

Industrial Sector
The constant production of goods affects our entire economic system. Capitalism, for instance, functions on the production of said goods. As a result, innovation in the industrial machinery sector is yet another aspect that changes the industry and society. Andantex provides high quality and unique methods and gearboxes that industrial machines use. The company will be exhibiting at IMTS, the largest industrial trade show in the world, this upcoming September 10-15 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. By visiting this kind of trade show helps people in the industry, buyers, and the media get a better understanding of what the new innovations do. Thus, they are beneficial to attend. Innovations in the industrial sector can affect society’s economic systems in the production of goods.

Space travel may be one of humankind’s greatest achievements. At the moment, there is no guarantee how many years it will take until people are able to fly through space. It is a sector where a lot of innovation and technological advancements continue through a trial and error basis. The earth is a speck of dust amongst an infinite amount of galaxies. NASA conducts research every single minute of every day regarding the science and technology related to air and space. Recently, astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope saw the furthest star humans have ever seen. Located at 5 billion light years away from Earth, astronomers can use this star as a reference point to study star evolution. Each day, people learn more about the world within which they live (referring to outside of just planet Earth).

Innovation and technological advancements teach people about just how far we’ve come as a society. Without progress and innovation, society remains stagnant However, with the capability of the human mind, this will never be the case. Nobody can say what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure, and that is that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Before the 21st century, cell phones were not common. Now, everyone owns one. In fact, it’s hard to meet a person that doesn’t own a cellphone, even if they do not have a smartphone! Accept innovation as it brings about change and a lot of times for the better. This is especially true in the medical industry but can be argued for everything. Perhaps one day people will finally be able to explore space. After all, someone has gone to the moon; the next step is Mars and the step after that – continuing to look for planets that can sustain life.

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