Boost Workplace Productivity With Five Smart Steps

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If you want to grow and scale your business what you need is a highly productive workforce. It’s not always easy to motivate your employees, and bad habits can be hard to break. To turn things around and start seeing results, take on board these five productivity tips.

1 . Software for productivity

If you’d like to boost productivity in your workplace there are lots of different tools that you can use. You might like to use project management tools, or time keeping tools. Both include a range of features which can help you to drive productivity and support your teams.

Toggl is a popular tool for productivity, using this tool you can create a schedule, and monitor how much time you spend on various tasks. You can block distracting websites and access productivity charts that break down your day. Zoho Projects is a leading project management tool, using this tool you can oversee project progress, collaborate, access Gantt Charts, and more.

2 . An attractive workplace

To keep productivity levels high your staff need an attractive place to work. Renovate your office space to ensure that it’s bright, visually striking and full of natural light. Use eye-catching colors, beautiful art, and brand merchandise. Create a space that impresses your team and your clients at the same time. While you’re at it, include healthy touches like air purifiers and indoor plants.

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3. Regulate the temperature

In an office space it’s important to maintain the correct temperature. You’ll need to use an aircon system, and to keep your space well ventilated. For factory spaces, alternative cooling systems may be more appropriate, (for example, water cooled chillers). Maintaining the right temperature is important to keep your staff comfortable and safe at work. It’s also important to ensure that your buildings are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

4. Autonomous teams

Autonomous teams are teams that are permitted to take the lead, making decisions, with minimal management. When you give your teams more freedom, you’ll experience improved productivity levels. Autonomous teams have more responsibility, and with this they become more driven and creative. It can be difficult to achieve this leadership style. Using this approach you need to balance taking a step back while continuing to fulfil your management duties.

5. Employee recognition

Want to ensure that your employees are productive? Then you’ll need to provide plenty of praise and recognition. It’s important to celebrate achievements that take place both inside and outside of work. To help you with an employee recognition program you can use software tools like Kazoo, Fond or Bonusly. When you recognize your employees achievements you’ll improve your company culture. Improving your company culture has many benefits from lower turnover rates to improved employee well being.

Once you’ve got the right strategies underway it’s easy to boost productivity. With tips like these you’ll soon see the difference in your place of work. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, it’s important to keep your staff motivated.

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