20 Tips on What to Wear For a TV Interview

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Recently one of my clients was featured on CNN.
Before he was interviewed on camera he was nervous but was able to recall the media training that we put him through a few weeks earlier. That, along with a pep talk, and he was set to go.

What about YOU? Are you ready to be interviewed by local or national TV? If you’ve not had media training, believe me it’s too late once you get the call. You may have to get in a car or on a plane within an hour’s notice. It’s too late to get the training then. That’s why you need to be prepared before you get the call.

My experience as a marketing and publicity consultant has convinced me that one of the greatest concerns about being on television is what to wear. For print, radio or podcast interviews, fashion doesn’t matter but how you appear is critical for Video or TV.

Here’s a quick list of  What to Wear or Not Wear!

  1. Don’t wear white, black or red. White glows and becomes the most noticeable thing on the TV screen. Black is too harsh and can suck up all the light. Reds  bleed  on camera and are distracting.
  2. Pastel shirts work well on TV.
  3. The safest color on TV is blue.
  4. Don’t wear dangly earrings. They can distract.
  5. Remove jewelry that moves, makes noise, or could hit your microphone.
  6. Be wrinkle-free.
  7. Don’t wear stripes, herringbone, small intricate designs, or flashy jewelry. They’re usually hard for a TV camera to pick up on.
  8. Don’t wear checks.
  9. Dress in a simple, consertative manner, unless you are a fashion designer.
  10. TV viewers should focus on your face and what you say, not your clothes.
  11. Men should have about an inch of their shirt cuff showing.
  12. Avoid light colored pants.
  13. Women shouldn’t wear short skirts if you want people to focus on your message.
  14. If you wear a dark shirt, dark suit, and dark tie, you will look like you are auditioning as a hit man.
  15. Vests look stuffy on TV.
  16. Don’t wear stripes. They dance around on the screen and are distracting.
  17. Avoid hair products that add shine.
  18. No visible logos or companies or brands, except for your own company logo.
  19. If you do or wear anything distracting on TV, people will remember that and nothing you say.
  20. People shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but they will.

Clothes are the major factor in controlling how you appear to viewers. While appearance is critical for success on television you also must be concerned about the words that come out of your mouth, the knowledge you display, and the self-confidence you demonstrate. Consultatns like myself will make sure you are fully prepared for your big day!

The bottom line: RELAX, you’ll do fine. The butterflies you’re feeling are what will drive you to do your best! Remember, it’s not like they are going to ask you the square root of 656! They’re asking you about your book, your company, your story which you obviously know. Just follow these helpful tips and you’ll look as good as you sound. To add a higher level of comfort give the producer or interviewer a list list of 4-5 talking points.

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