Why You Should Hire A Receptionist

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Who do you think is the most important person in your business? Most people assume that it’s the leaders, the managers, the CEO and even the director. In actual fact, the most important person in the business is the person that sits at the front desk – the receptionist. You may not agree. But who is it who is going to be greeting all your visitors? Who’s going to be fielding all the phone calls you don’t want to answer? Who is going to be organising the visitor logs, ensuring everybody in your business is welcomed happily and safely? The receptionist handles all of this for you so that you don’t have to.

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It will be a receptionist working with your security team so that you can have the right access control systems installed and everybody gets a key card – given to them by the receptionist. The receptionist will answer the phone so that when you have interest coming into your business the right people are on your desk at the right time. The receptionist is the most valuable employee, and if you don’t believe you should have one, we have all the reasons why you really should.

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  • For business productivity. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, a receptionist is always going to improve the function of productivity for you. They’ll handle the constant interruptions of phones ringing, and they will ensure that you will only see people that you have asked to see. They are the gatekeepers who are delivering messages and prioritising projects for the entire team. With the right receptionist, nothing is going to go through the cracks.
  • Your business is far more professional. A trained receptionist knows how to handle the calls and the volume of interruptions your business is going to have. Plus, any business who has somebody at the helm for them, is a business that others are impressed by.
  • It’s cost-effective to have a receptionist. Hiring staff is actually one of the largest expenses for most businesses, because of all the elements of a salary and benefits. The thing is, it is very cost-effective to have a receptionist at the front because all the time that usually will be wasted by your staff members in sales, marketing or IT, will be busy focusing on their own functions. The receptionist cuts all that wasted time and you really need that.
  • For organisation. There is a lot on your plate as a business owner and it’s not always possible to juggle the daily tasks with everything else you have to do. The receptionist takes a lot of your plate, eliminating phone interruptions and prioritising your day the way you need it to be prioritised. They are also able to keep the front of the business in order so that you maintain a professional look at all times.
  • For that ever important first impression. The company receptionist is the first person that people interact with when they come to your business. If you have a smiling, happy and organised receptionist at the front desk, people want to know your business.

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