Top 5 Reasons Why SEO and PPC Should Be Used Together

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With earned SEO campaigns getting more difficult, businesses should consider incorporating paid search into their marketing efforts. Many people consider PPC and SEO as two completely different strategies. However, there are many ways that these two can complement each other. Even if your website has gained significant success with regard to visibility, you can improve your performance with paid search. Here are five reasons to simultaneously use SEO and PPC.


One of the most obvious advantages of combining your PPC and SEO efforts is the added exposure that your website will have on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Most website owners tend to reduce their PPC efforts when a search term ranks number one. You should remember that the top three results on most SERPs are usually PPC ads. Therefore, you will greatly increase your traffic if you dominate both the paid and organic search results.

Social media

Combining social media targeting and PPC can result in great results for your website. Social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter give lucrative opportunities for great ad campaigns. Furthermore, you can easily target your campaigns towards a specific age group or geographical location of your target market. The data you gather from these social media campaigns can help you uncover specific details about your target market and assist you in refining your overall SEO strategy.

Discover high-performing keywords

Search engine optimization can help you discover keywords that were not part of your original strategy. Most of these targeted keywords can help to generate more website traffic. You can easily cross-reference these keywords with other engagement metrics to help you determine the ones that will yield the best results. By adding these targeted keywords to your PPC campaigns, you will have an expanded keyword set.

A dual strategy

Generating organic traffic is quite a challenge. Most social media platforms are now promoting paid campaigns over organic traffic. Viewers from your target market may show interest and may even visit your website. However, they may fail to take action such as making purchases or subscriptions. In such a case, you can use SEO campaigns to attract traffic so that these people get a hint of what your business does and the services or products you offer. You can then use compelling PPC ad campaigns to recapture their attention.

Combat negative PR

Sometimes, people may say negative things about your brand. This can happen and when it occurs, combining SEO and PPC efforts can be perfect damage control. You can easily guide the conversation to better your business image by controlling the SEO and PPC results of a specific term related to your niche. This means that whenever internet users search for that term, they will be directed to a page on your website that talks positively about your business.

Businesses need to combine PPC and SEO to achieve better performance metrics and online success. However, this may need the assistance of the best SEO experts, adequate time, and effective use of the marketing budget. With the right team of professionals, you will notice better ranking, performance, and conversion rates.




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