Should Your Business Relocate to London?

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It seems as though we hear about the merits of businesses being located in London on almost a weekly basis now, with thousands rushing to tell us of the countless opportunities that London provides. But, as we well know, competition in London is high, and rent is incredibly expensive. So, with this in mind, is it really worth it? In this blog post, we take a detailed look at the merits of moving your business to London…

Increased Footfall

If your business needs footfall then where better to locate than London? With over 8 million inhabitants (and increasing constantly), London almost certainly contains your target market, and the only question remains: where do you locate your business in order to be in their zone?

Locate correctly and in the right borough, and you’ll never struggle for customers.

Knowing Your Competition

It is more than likely that some of your big named competitors are located in London and, as a result, following them there allows you to keep a close eye on exactly what their business is doing. As well as this, because they made the move first, you’ll be able to learn from their mistakes and ensure that the transition is smoother.

Travel Links

With the Underground, Overground and DLR, it couldn’t be simpler to navigate around London. Plus, if you’re wanting to leave for a business meeting,you’ll never struggle to catch a train from Kings Cross, Victoria or one of London’s many other stations.

The Underground is particularly useful if you have multiple offices around the city, and the online journey planner makes planning a journey simple.

The Gateway to Europe

Finally, if you’re looking to expand your business overseas then London is the perfect place to locate. As well as boosting your professionalism with overseas companies, it also gives you the perfect launch point as you can easily access a number of airports and the Eurostar.

To conclude, although there are obviously negatives when it comes to moving to London, such as the high rent, there are also numerous positives as it allows you to move to the hub of UK business, while also providing your company with access to Europe. What’s more, the move itself doesn’t have to be that expensive, and some online estate agents offer great deals. So, shop around, and see what’s best for your business.

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