Manufacturing's Not Dead But It Needs To Adapt To Survive

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Every time the subject of manufacturing comes up in the modern business world there is almost always someone who claims that it’s dead. Or at the very least, dead in the west. Plenty of large companies are downsizing their manufacturing arms or moving them overseas. This is a sad truth, and one that many people wish wasn’t the case, but it’s far from proof that the manufacturing industry is dead. There are plenty of cutting edge factories and workshops that are thriving in the modern world. But it is an undeniable fact that the world is changing and, if wants to survive, that means that manufacturing industry needs to do the same. With that in mind, here are some ways that the manufacturing industry needs to adapt. It’s certainly not dead, but without doing these things, it could well end up in some serious danger.

Embrace technology

Automation is the thing that’s almost always brought up as the thing that struck the killing blow to the manufacturing industry. But that’s simply not the case. For as long as manufacturing as existed, there have been tools built in order to make the process smoother, easier and more efficient. This is just another step forward in that process. Granted, it’s a very significant process, and one that has made some incredible changes to the industry as a whole, but rather than treating it as a danger, manufacturers need to start embracing it. Whether it’s new powder coating options or tech that can achieve precise measurements that a person never could, all these advances do is provide manufacturers with new methods to improve upon the things that they’ve always done. By embracing them instead of fearing them, the manufacturing industry is sure to reach new heights that we could never have imagined.

Focus on training

One thing that automation will never be able to replicate is the skills and abilities of a real human being. The next generation is already having a huge impact on the industry as a whole. It’s never been more important to focus on fostering and developing their skills. Many of them are going to have grown up with the kinds of technology that previous generations could only have dreamt of. This means that they’re in a fantastic position to easily adapt to the rapid changes of the modern world.


These days, there’s no hope for smaller manufacturing companies to compete with bigger, more well-established companies for global dominance. This means that, instead of constantly fighting a losing battle, they need to start focussing their energy in different directions. Smaller manufacturers should focus on the things that really make them great. Things like the ability to adjust products more easily, a greater focus on quality control, and a more direct and personal relationship with customers. These are the kinds of things that huge, global companies simply can’t manage in the same way. So instead of trying to compete on their terms, manufacturing companies should be setting their own terms for success. By scaling down and focussing, they’ll be able to create much more viable, realistic and sustainable environments in which to be successful.

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