How Your Product Packaging Can Win Buyers’ Hearts

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Every year sees the launch of almost 30,000 new products, but 70% to 80% of these offerings fall flat. Your business can beat the odds by paying attention to your product packaging. Done right, packaging can be as memorable as the product itself and significantly impact consumer buying decisions.

Product packaging is an essential part of your company branding and presents opportunities to set yourself apart from the competition. Whether you work with a design team or go it alone, using specific colors and images can evoke moods and inspire customer feelings that you can leverage to improve sales. Just follow these packaging tips to win buyers’ hearts.

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How to package your product

Your packaging should articulate what makes your brand different. Try to think outside the box (no pun intended!) while keeping the material functional, and focus on how the packaging can cultivate a holistic customer experience.

If your budget allows, it’s wise to hire an experienced packaging designer or design team to help bring your brand’s identity to life through your packaging. They will help you choose the right design and color scheme to evoke whatever mood you’re looking to create. Furthermore, when your packaging shows craftsmanship and attention to detail, you’re more likely to create a unique brand identity and stand apart from the competition. Consider the following tips to create a “wow” factor with your packaging and increase sales.

Know your target market to make an impact.

For a brilliant packaging design, always consider the demographics of your ideal customer. If you want to succeed in a competitive market, it’s important to know the consumers most likely to purchase your products. Understand your target audience; know their pain points, preferences and buying habits; and customize your packaging accordingly.

Make low-cost packaging look chic with customization.

Great packaging doesn’t have to mean expensive packaging. Some brands can make an impact with even the most straightforward product packaging. You can step up your packaging strategy without breaking the bank by adding layers, textures or stylish typography. In fact, a simple packaging design is more effective if the market is visually agitated.

Use clever packaging to create an unboxing experience.

Nothing works better at sparking brand loyalty than triggering an emotional reaction. If you can get your product packaging to make the consumer feel something, it’s sure to create a buzz in the market. Just as people love to unbox the newest Apple product, your packaging can offer a fun, hands-on experience that lends itself to sharing on social media.

Benefits of good product packaging

Good packaging is an essential feature of a successful product. Proper packaging significantly influences consumer behavior, and it’s more effective than even traditional advertising at setting a brand apart from the competition.

Packaging is the first thing a shopper sees when they encounter a product in stores, and this first impression has a subtle yet lasting impact. If your packaging is dull or poorly designed, it will psychologically lead buyers to assume the product quality is the same as its outward appearance. But if the packaging successfully grabs attention and radiates quality and luxury, consumers will be more inclined to sample something they’ve never tried before.

Here are four reasons product packaging gives businesses a competitive edge.

1. It helps you stand out.

For every product on the market, countless brands are vying for customers’ attention. One way to clear the clutter and stand out from the crowd is to ensure your product packaging is captivating. You can be incredibly bold and playful to attract attention, use stylization with quirky patterns to make your packaging shine, or tell a unique story with your packaging’s text and imagery. You have endless possibilities to make your product’s packaging speak for itself.

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2. It influences a consumer’s purchase decision.

The colors, patterns and textures in your product packaging play a role in a consumer’s purchase decision. The human brain reacts to patterns and colors in unique ways, so choosing your colors wisely can really pay off. Study your target demographic and customize product packaging for maximum impact on the retail shelf.

3. It makes a great marketing tool.

People make a purchase decision within seconds of being presented with a product, which is why product packaging is a brilliant marketing tool. Messages on packaging can bring a smile to your face or trigger a sweet memory. Messaging has emotional appeal, which is key for establishing a connection between customer and company. Use the text on your packaging to sell the prospective consumer on your product and your business.

4. It increases brand recognition.

Ever wonder why consumers recognize branded products in an instant? Product packaging that includes the company logo with signature fonts and colors boosts brand recognition and increases recall. So take a moment to make those minor tweaks to leave a massive impact on the consumer’s mind.

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