How to Project a Professional Image

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Getting any business of the ground can be difficult. While most of your time should be spent formulating your business strategy, you shouldn’t forget the simple things that can help you draw in more partners or clients. Here’s four ways you can improve your company’s image.

Remember to Always Look the Part

They say that you should never underestimate the importance of first impressions in life and it’s no different in business. If you ever need to meet a client or interview a potential employee, make sure you always look professional. A corporate suit is a safe bet–and the best choice for a formal event–but it can feel like overkill for day-to-day life in the office. A customised polo-shirt with your company’s logo can strike the balance between casual and professional.

Arriving in the Right Way

Similarly, think of your car as an extension of your professional image. While we may not like to admit it, most of us have preconceived expectations of what type of vehicle a successful businessperson should drive. Certain manufacturers, like BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus, have come to epitomise this idea and, in an effort to cater to a larger demographic, they’ve started to create budget–or core–production lines that are more affordable. There’s also the used market, which is ideal for SMB entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Getting a Business Address

The location of your business also reflects its image. That means getting a business address should be high on your list of priorities. While premium office space is a luxury, especially in big cities, you could instead choose to rent from a serviced offices provider. In the past, small business owners were forced to meet in public spots or in their own home. This is fine for a chat with an employee for lunch, but, when it comes to discussing anything serious, important details can be lost over the noise of those around you.

Access to Other Facilities

Using a specialist office provider will likely give you access to on-site meeting rooms and employee training facilities as well. These kinds of resources are usually only expected of established, successful companies. Make the most of them to give your SMB the boost it might need to make the next step up.

Creating industry contacts is a key part of any company’s long-term success. Even if your company has a credible output, if your image isn’t up to scratch you’ll be left wondering why your aren’t getting the clientele you deserve.




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