Hire a Moving Company or Rent a Moving Truck: What Is Better?

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If you have decided to move house you’re likely to have a very busy time ahead of you. Moving house can potentially be one of the most stressful things you can do.

Will you use a moving company to do all the work for you or will you rent a moving truck and potentially save a bit of cash? It can be difficult to know which angle to take, which is why we’re going to take a look at both options:

We asked Anton Halushka, CEO and founder of California Movers: Local & Long distance moving company to name the benefits of hiring a professional moving company.

  1. They may provide all of your packing boxes

Many moving companies will provide all of your packing boxes and material too. This is potentially a great weight of your shoulders as it means you won’t have to rush out and buy as many boxes as possible.

  1. They may pack your belongings for you

Some moving companies will pack all of your belongings for you, which means you can sit back and relax or get on with another aspect of your move. You can always help the moving company pack your belongings if you wish, but you do not have to. With a lot of experience in packing boxes, moving companies can ensure that everything is packed as securely as it should be.

  1. They will do all of the heavy lifting

One of the obvious benefits of hiring a moving company is that they’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you. This potentially means you don’t have to lift a finger as someone else will do it for you. Moving companies usually know a thing or two about lifting heavy items which means they are less likely to hurt themselves.

  1. They’re likely to be familiar with the area

If you’re about to move to a state or city that you’re unfamiliar with you may be a little anxious about moving there. Moving companies are likely to be familiar with the area you’re moving to and can, therefore give you some handy information. They could tell you which route is the quickest, which route you should avoid and the best way to get to your new home.

  1. You can get on with other things

If you decide to hire a moving company you can get on with other things while they place your belongings in the back of their truck. You can clean your old home, organize which boxes are to go in the truck next or simply let the moving company get on with the hard work.

Once you’ve reached your new home you can start to clean it, help the moving company unload the truck or anything else you wish to do.

– Now let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of hiring a moving company.

  1. The cost can be quite high

The cost of hiring a moving company can be high, but you’ll also have control over how much you spend.

  1. You may have to fit around their schedule

If you choose to use a very popular moving company you may have to fit your move around their schedule. This may mean that you don’t end up moving on your day of choice.

– Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of renting a moving truck:

  1. Renting a truck could be cheaper

If renting a moving truck is the way forward for you chances are you’ll find it cheaper than hiring a moving company. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars depending on where you’re moving to and how much you have to take with you.

  1. You can move when you’re ready

You can move when you’re ready and at a time that’s convenient for you. There’s always the potential for you to move over a few days rather than attempting to move everything in one go. As long as you have the moving truck back with the hiring company when you agreed to return it you can potentially take as long as you want to move.

  1. You know what’s been packed and what hasn’t

If you would like to have a lot of control over your move then renting a moving truck will give you control. You will know exactly what has been packed into the truck and what hasn’t. This means you can move house room by room if you wish, or move all of the heavy things first. If you know what has been packed and what hasn’t you can have a better idea of what should be moved next.

  1. You won’t have to rush to get to your new place

If you want to stop off somewhere for lunch while you’re on the way to your new place you can. There will be no rush to meet the moving company outside your new home. You can, therefore, take as much time as you wish making your way to your new home.

  1. You know when to be careful with your belongings

If you hire a moving truck you will know when to be careful with your belongings. You’ll know that a certain wardrobe needs to be moved safely and securely. You’ll also know which box contains the fragile ornaments and you’ll know how to handle them properly too.

– The disadvantages of hiring a moving van

  1. You will have to lift everything

Having to lift everything can prove to be a lot of work. Some items may be too heavy for you to lift them on your own, therefore, you may need expert help.

  1. You may need the truck for longer than you realized

While you may plan to move everything in one go chances are the move may take longer than you realized. Moving house takes time and if you don’t get everything finished in one day you may have to pay to hire the truck for longer.

There are benefits and disadvantages to hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck. If you would like someone to do the hard work for you it may be sensible to hire a moving company. However, if you want complete control over your house move you may have to hire a truck, the choice is yours.

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