Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Fast Food Genocide, Interview

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I interviewed Dr. Joel Fuhrman to discuss his latest best-selling book, Fast Food Genocide:
How Processed Food Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About.

About Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Joel Fuhrman MD is a board-certified family physician, nutritional researcher, 6 X NY /times bestselling author. Dr. Fuhrman is on a mission to wipe out heart disease, diabetes and cancer with his books and PBS television shows which detail how you can reverse illnesses nutritionally and naturally; but his newest book, Fast Food Genocide takes it a step further, linking  diets to lowered intelligence, mental illness, violence and drug abuse.

    1. Fast Food Genocide, talk about the title, and what inspired you to write this book? AT 2:00
    2. How do you define Fast Food? Couldn’t a fast food establishment serve something healthy?
    3. How much fast food are Americans eating? What are the consequences for our own health, and for the health of our nation?
    4. The fascinating science presented in this book discusses the consumption of fast food and decreasing intelligence, and increasing propensity for criminal behavior, drug use and violence? Can you explain?
    5. What are some of the most dangerous things a person can eat to destroy their health and accelerate their death?
    6. Can you explain the reason you discussed the post civil war period when black American were freed and how fast food has exacerbated racism and bigotry?
    7. Why do you think that our consumption of fast and processed foods is dangerous for future generations? Don’t babies start off with a clean slate, healthwise?
    8. So what can we expect if we make a radical shift to a Nutritarian diet? How will that change us personally? How will it change society?
    9. Will people enjoy food as much eating so healthfully? Many people listening might be thinking that they would prefer to eat what they want and just die younger?
    10. What is the key to getting the urban populations — who are the most vulnerable — to embrace this style of eating?
    11.  Can people who have been raised on fast food really make this kind of radical change in their diet, or is change too difficult for most people?
    12. What important message do you want to relay that we have not already discussed. And how can our listeners get the book and learn more?

If you want to reverse disease, eliminate joint pain, have more energy, lose weight, feel great and be happier without
drugs then get your own copy of Fast Food Genocide by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, just click the link below.

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