Best Ways to Wow an Interviewer with Your Accounting Skills

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Job-hunting is a stressful endeavor that tends to make job seekers feel anxious and uneasy. Confidently marketing your own skill set to employers can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming, particularly for those with introverted personalities. However, with proper preparation, the right mindset, and the ability to promote yourself effectively, you can simplify the process of the job search by capturing the interest of employers immediately.

Advanced Planning

The key to a successful interview is to be prepared well in advance. Make a list of the types of              questions that are likely to arise. By preparing well-constructed answers beforehand, you’ll feel calmer and more self-confident during the interview. Though you can’t pinpoint every question that is likely to come up, you can at least prepare answers for the bigger questions that interviewers most frequently ask.

When you’re preparing, think about how you can highlight your accounting skills by mentioning specific experiences that only accountants can relate to.


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First impressions are critical, and you need to ensure you impress your future employer before the interview even begins. For accounting interviews, it’s important to arrive in standard business attire, such as a suit and tie for men and a skirt and blouse or pantsuit for women. Make sure your personal hygiene is impeccable, including a clean shave and wrinkle-free apparel. Stick to solid colors as opposed to patterns, and calmer hues as opposed to vibrant colors. Your sharp appearance will let your interviewer know that you pay attention to details, a trait that is essential for any accountant.

Present yourself as calm and confident, even if these traits don’t come naturally for you. Given the interview is your opportunity to sell your skills, it’s important to come across calm, assertive, and knowledgeable. If you seem uneasy or insecure about your own capabilities, the interviewer will question your competence as well.

Throughout the Interview

This is your opportunity to impress your employer with your extensive knowledge and experience in accounting. You have a select period of time to persuade the interviewer that you are an indispensable worker whom they simply can’t do without. If you are just out of college and don’t have much work experience, focus primarily on your education, highlighting your degrees.

The higher level of education you’ve received, the more reputable you’ll look in the eyes of an employer. If you’ve only completed your Bachelor of Science in Accounting, consider pursuing your Master of Accounting degree. You can pursue an online accounting degree from home, while still being able to work full-time. With a master’s in your field, you’ll hold more clout and credibility in the eyes of the employer.

Ending the Interview

At the end of every interview, the employer typically asks if you have any questions for them. It’s essential to come prepared with at least a couple of questions. You not only want to persuade the employer that you’re the most qualified for the job, but you also need to persuade them that you want the job the most.

By inquiring about various aspects of the company, it will make you stand out among other applicants by demonstrating your genuine interest in the position. Prior to leaving, be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and express how grateful you would be for the opportunity to work for them. Authenticity and amiability scarcely go overlooked by employers, and it’s the little things that often distinguish you from your competitors.


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