As a summer wave of Covid-19 hits the US, questions about vaccines, quarantine and testing are back

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(CNN) — Covid-19 is on the rise again as the world approaches the fourth virus season since the coronavirus arrived on the scene.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show a slight increase in hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and positive Covid-19 tests — although not nearly as high as in past summers.

Summer travel, unrelenting heat that drives people indoors, and weakened immunity to the virus may all be to blame for this increase in Covid-19 activity, rather than an infectious new variant.

Experts say it’s impossible to know what the fall and winter virus season may hold, but there are still tools to get through the small summer surge and prepare for the months ahead.

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Should you get vaccinated now, or wait for a new booster in the fall?

Covid-19 is not going anywhere, so doctors say it’s best to protect yourself against the virus the same way you would the flu: getting vaccinated.


Source: CBS News

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