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When your business is doing well, it inevitably seems like you could use more office space. However, the cost and upheaval of relocating to somewhere bigger isn’t always practical, so it can be a better idea to try and maximize the space you’re working with rather than upgrading it.

Here are a few tips and tricks that we think you might find helpful…

Folding Balconies 

Often, offices have limited outside space, but having a little fresh air and some time away from the stress and frenetic activity inside can do wonders for your employee’s mindsets. Extending or gaining an outside area is often impossible, as a lot of business owners rent their premises and this is already assigned to other companies or used as parking space. A balcony can be a great alternative, but they tend to be really expensive to install, take up a lot of room outside and can require planning permission. A folding balcony solves the problem; simply add in a new window which folds out into a glass balcony for your staff members to enjoy. Voila – fresh air, outside space and a little sunshine come summer.

Space Saving Door Systems 

Space saving door systems, like those available from Barrier Components, are a relatively new concept. They can help to minimize the floor space required for opening and closing, meaning that you can take advantage of the areas that would normally have to be left bare for this purpose. You’d be surprised how much space is saved by having a door that slides into the wall rather than opening out into the room.


Traditional desktops take up a lot of space, but their purpose is now largely redundant. Many modern-day laptops perform all of the functions of their more traditional counterparts, without taking up anywhere near as much room. They also have the added advantage of being portable, meaning that set areas for their use are not always required.

Online Storage 

Each individual sheet might be small and compact, but once paper is stacked and there’s enough to form a pile, it takes up a lot of desk space. Of course, it’s not only the paper that’s the problem, but also where it’s kept: the desks, the drawers, the folders, the filing cabinets, the rooms. A simple and efficient way to save some room is simply to keep all of your documents online. With cloud sharing available for free, all essential information can now be stored online, instantly reducing your carbon footprint and freeing up some space in the office.

How will you use your newfound room?

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