6 Ways to Build a Healthier Relationship with Your Partner

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Man and woman sitting on the floor and eating with a viewYou just got home from a busy day at work just to find out that your partner forgot to schedule the foundation repair with Brickworks Property Restoration. Sometimes you feel like your partner doesn’t care, and it’s starting to take a toll on you. That’s why we’re offering some advice by listing 6 ways to build a healthier relationship with your partner.

Maintain Independence

Maintaining your independence is crucial for establishing a healthy relationship with your partner. While you too may want to spend all of your time together, it’s important that you both have a life and identity outside of the relationship. If not, this could lead to issues with codependency or jealousy.

Respect and encourage both you and your partner to try things on your own – this could even include traveling solo or joining separate social groups. You want to learn to be confident and comfortable with yourself, and this requires that you and your partner both trust the love you have for one another.

Ensure Healthy Boundaries

It’s never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal boundaries. That’s why it’s important that you establish and are clear on your own boundaries. What are some things that aren’t acceptable to you? Whatever they are, be sure to clearly communicate those with your partner. If they aren’t aware of your boundaries, you can’t fault your partner if they violate them.

You always want to make sure that you don’t assume your boundaries are the same as your partner’s boundaries. It’s normal and okay for the two of you to have different points of view when it comes to this. In order to make sure you know where your partner stands, ask them to express this to you in a non-threatening way.

Have Fun Together

After the honeymoon fades, it’s not uncommon for partners to start falling into a regular routine. Sometimes, this routine can be considered boring, but it’s important to know that it’s completely healthy and normal. After all, you can’t be infatuated with their every move forever – now that would be unhealthy.

When you start to notice that you and your partner are experiencing a lull in the relationship, it’s important that you find ways to still make it fun. While you won’t return to the honeymoon phase, you could also enjoy a fun night out with your partner. Try new things together, surprise them, and keep the dates coming.

Listen Carefully

When you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time, it’s hard not to assume what the other person thinks or what they’ll say next. You want to be careful with this, however. Even though you have a deep understanding of your partner, you want to be sure to always remain open and listen to what they have to say carefully.

Everyone in a relationship wants to be heard and understood. The only way to make sure this happens is to always focus on what they have to say, instead of trying to predict or assume you know them. We’re always changing and growing as people; the same rings true for your partner.

Learn to Navigate Conflict

Learning to manage conflict is one of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain or develop a healthy relationship. If you both don’t come to some sort of understanding after a disagreement, it’s bound to come up later in unhealthy and negative ways. Either your partner will withdraw their feelings completely or they’ll start to lash out just to be heard.

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship – even healthy ones. Navigating conflict in a positive way means that you take a step back to truly understand the other person’s perspective. Even if you don’t agree with them, you can appreciate and understand their perspective. This is a big part of respect, and it allows you and your partner both to feel safe opening up to one another.

Have Healthy Communication

As cliché as it sounds, communication really is key to a healthy relationship. Similar to managing conflict in a healthy way, you want to be sure that you and your partner have effective, healthy communication. This requires you to listen, learn, and observe. No two people are exactly the same, so it’s crucial that you learn how to communicate with them and vice-versa.

A large part of healthy communication is expressing to the other person how something makes you feel or how you interpret something. If you don’t do this, it could lead to you assuming things that aren’t actually correct. This is dangerous territory as it could later lead to resentment and misunderstanding.

Final Thoughts

No relationship is exactly the same. You know your partner the best and the dynamic of your relationship. It’s important that you always remain transparent, understanding, and mindful of how you and your partner feel – this is the best way to ensure a healthy relationship between the two of you.


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