6 Essential Warehouse Equipment You Need

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The warehouse is the beating heart of the operation, yet often this is an area that struggles and is inefficient, which is because it can be a complex area of a business. The warehouse should be somewhere that is organized, productive and efficient, and in order for this to happen, the business needs to have the right equipment in place along with well-trained staff. So, what kind of equipment does a top-notch warehouse need in order to operate efficiently? Every warehouse is different, but there are a few key pieces of equipment that will appear in every warehouse, which will have a big impact on the operation.

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1. Storage Systems

Obviously, storage is hugely important in the warehouse and you need to have high-quality storage systems in place that will allow you to properly store goods for a streamlined operation. Every warehouse will have different needs, but the storage systems could include:

  • Pallet racks
  • Industrial shelving
  • Cantilever racks
  • Flow racks

2. Lift Equipment

You must also have lift equipment suitable for your warehouse so that you can easily lift and move goods and prevent staff from injuring themselves. The lift equipment will depend on the storage systems, but common types of lift equipment include:

  • Pallet jackets
  • Forklifts
  • Service carts
  • Hand trucks

3. Packaging Equipment

Packages need to be shipped securely and safely, which will require the use of packaging equipment in the warehouse – this will allow staff to prepare packages quickly and efficiently. Industrial scales, strapping and banding equipment and stretch wrap machines are all commonly found in warehouses.

4. Conveyors

Goods need to be moved throughout the warehouse and conveyors are the most efficient and fastest way to do this. A high-quality conveyor system can not only improve efficiency in the warehouse, but also quality control as they can move products safely to their final destination and make it much easier for people to expect and handle the packages. There are also lots of different types of conveyors, so you always need to take the time to find the right one for your particular operation – you can even have bespoke systems made for your business.

5. Bins and Containers

Bins and containers can be used to organize and manage materials and products, plus they enable you to safely store items for your inventory and shipping processes. You can use bins for small and medium storage needs while bulk boxes and totes can be used for larger-sized parts storage.

6. Dock Equipment

If your warehouse receives and/or ships products directly then you will also need a range of dock equipment to streamline this process. This could include:

  • Dock plates and dock boards
  • Yard ramps
  • Dump hoppers
  • Edge-of-dock levelers

Every warehouse is different but these are all pieces of equipment that you should find in most warehouses. Having the best equipment available can help to streamline and improve efficiency, so it is certainly an area that should be addressed if you feel that your warehouse could be performing to a higher standard or if you are just getting set up.

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