Why Not Having a Blog is Killing Your Web Traffic

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Blogging may be time consuming, but it needs to be an essential part of any business with an online presence. The purpose of a blog is about much more than producing content and gaining brand visibility. While plenty of content abounds on the internet, you need to be willing to throw yours into the mix as well. Ultimately, the helpful information posted on a blog leads to client conversions and revenue generation. As time goes on, a consistently maintained blog will lead to more traffic being sent to your business site.

A domain name that is memorable is only the first step in helping your business establish its brand and get discovered by search engines. A top-notch website comes next, and finally that stellar website needs to be constantly rejuvenated with new content. This is where the power of blogging comes into play. Whether executed well or poorly at first, it’s essential to think of blog content as info that could one day be repurposed into other forms, such as an ebook.

More Chances to be Seen

A good business website must have a variety of essential web pages. Likely, the pages that tell readers about the business and the products and services you offer are pages those already interested in your business will be most prone to delve into reading. Sadly, a smattering of web pages isn’t going to get the job done in making your more visible online. The answer of how to get more prospective clients to your website it to maintain a blog.

Cultivate Appropriate Keywords

It’s a good idea to use some caution and good judgement when deciding what to write about. As much as you might have a great sense of humor, a sparkling personality, and a passion for agility training with your dogs, you want to be blogging about topics tied to your business. The best way to do this is to spend time researching keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Some keywords have higher competition than others, so it will take time to find what works best for your purposes. Website traffic is only useful if it’s the right kind of traffic.

Publish Posts on a Consistent Basis

Pick a schedule and stick with it. Readers like consistency. Obviously, the more often you can publish means the more quickly your site will rank in search engines. However, don’t compromise quantity over quality. Once a month is the bare minimum, and twice a month can be a decent tradeoff as well if you’re going it alone. Once a week is much better if you can pull it off. If the writing can be split with a team, consider two if not three times a week. If daily posts are a possibility, your readers will have plenty to pick and choose from.

Share Across Social Media

Every new post should be shared across social media as a way to drive more traffic to your site. We’ve all seen that one person who posts the same “About Us” or “Products and Services” page over and over and over again. Don’t be that person. Fresh blog content will help keep people interested in what your business is all about so they will keep coming back for more. Don’t forget to share old posts either on a consistent basis as a way to continually renew interest in posts that may have been overlooked in the past.

Engage with Others

Enough can’t be said about engaging others. Do so genuinely, and not with the sole purpose of pushing your product or service in mind. This means encouraging comments on your blogs posts as well as leaving comments on blogs in your industry and in online discussion groups and boards. In addition to sharing your own content on social media, it’s always a solid tactic to share the content of others as well that you feel can be of direct use to your customer base. Writing guests posts for prominent blogs is also a great traffic generating tool as well.

Blogging is but one way to maximize your business exposure, but it’s an essential pillar in the process of establishing a consistent and trusted presence online. Whatever you do, don’t let perfectionism get in your way. A website and blog are continual works in progress. Part of the adventure of being an entrepreneur is rolling with the punches and learning as you go along. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t give up. Blogging needs to be viewed as something you’ll be in for the long-haul to fully reap the benefits.

What other reasons might you add for why not having a blog is killing your web traffic?

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