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Tom McMakin is CEO of Profitable Ideas Exchange (PIE), a leading provider of business development services for consulting and professional services firms. Tom is the author of Bread and Butter, a critically-acclaimed book that describes his work at Great Harvest Bread Co and how he and his team created a nationally recognized corporate learning community and culture of best practices using collaborative networks.  His newest book, How Clients Buy: A Practical Guide to Business Development for Consulting and Professional Services, will be out on March 5th and will teach your audience to forget everything they know about sales, new skills that will help make connections, develop rapport, create interest, earn trust, and turn prospects into clients. He has appeared on the pages of Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Newsweek, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal and speaks widely.  He can be found at

Why selling services is different than selling products.

Why do people have such an allergy to this word “selling.”

Why is trust important in a professional services sale?

Discver the two types of trust.

What can one do to build trust with those you must want to serve?

How to be first in your niche.

How to get your TOP 100 prospects to get to know, like and trust.

How long does it take to build a relationship with marketing.

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