Project Managers

Bert Martinez Communications is a Training and Consulting company. Our services include the development and delivery of many training programs, including: sales, management, marketing, and leadership. We are looking for Project Managers that can quickly respond to incoming leads; in addition, to developing our existing clients. The two primary objectives of this position are to develop and close new business relationships while growing all new and existing accounts.


* Telephone-based sales experience
* PC skills (word processing and Excel spreadsheet)
* Education sales experience preferred but not required


* Ability to learn quickly
* Ability to think tactically as well as strategically
* Diagnose a customer needs, recommend solutions
* Planning and organizing skills
* Verbal, written, and telephone skills
* Interpersonal skills live as well as telephonic
* Ability to identify and adapt to evolving client need
* Ability to resolve conflict quickly and appropriately

Contact Email: scareers[at]

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