Bert Martinez

Companies are struggling to make money and according to the government almost 95% percent of all new business will fail. Bert Martinez Communications develops sales & marketing systems to avoid these statistics and create sales.

Bert Martinez is an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and
Business Coach who amazes audiences . . . CNN says Bert “has a deep understanding of what drives people” CBS says, “Bert Martinez is to business what Chris Angel is to magic – mesmerizing to watch!”

Born in Havana, Cuba, during the missile crisis, Bert Martinez started school in Spain, and went on to complete school in United States. As a young man Bert was amazed how some people could amass wealth or success so quickly while the majority struggle to survive. His curiosity has led to a life study of “success” to determine what qualities successful people shared. Surprisingly, he found, age, gender, race, history, education or even the ability to speak English did not determine ones ability to be “Successful.”

“I notice; without fail, the successful managed their emotions differently.” This discovery changed Bert’s focus completely and he embarked on a life mission to help people “Engineer Their Emotions” for life-long Success.

Bert Martinez understands the emotions that drive people and affect life, money, and business. Affectionately nicknamed “The Emotions Engineer”, for his ability to teach people how to re-Engineer their negative emotions and beliefs.