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Google Alert’s Help Manage Your Online Reputation

April 29, 2010 9:36 am7 comments

What is Online Reputation Management? Reputation is defined as “the opinion or social evaluation of the group of entities toward a person, a group of people, or an organization.” When we talk about the reputation of a business, we are referring to how a company brand is perceived. The reputation […]

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Napoleon’s Key to Victory

April 26, 2010 5:56 am0 comments

Napoleon’s Key to Victory The only real measure of business leadership is results. This requires the ability to act boldly with no guarantees of success. The greatest obstacle to overcome is fear of the unknown. The Key to Confidence Most fear however, is rooted in ignorance. The more knowledge or […]

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Cheap lavalier microphone for any camera including the Kodak Zi8

April 25, 2010 6:48 pm0 comments

I get a LOT of people requesting information on an inexpensive microphone that can be used with a Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Zi8 camera (which has an external microphone input) or any consumer or prosumer camera that’s cheap, easy to use and gets decent results. Here’s one that’s only […]

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Video Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

April 24, 2010 9:26 pm0 comments

After Google purchased Videos became all the rage. It used to be that only a handful of corporate websites had videos and now they are on more and more websites. The Kodak Zi8 and Flip HD allow anyone to look pretty professional with out the big expense. Videos allow […]

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Neuro Marketing – Everything we buy has an Emotion Reason

3:33 pm3 comments

Everything we buy has an emotional explanation. When we buy something, our subconscious level is as active as our conscious one, because deep inside, everyone feels the need to fulfill certain human needs. The easiest of which is avoiding fear/pain/boredom or to gain excitement/pleasure/certainty. The majority of us, when we […]

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Psyching Yourself Out of A Sale

April 17, 2010 3:23 pm1 comment

Increase your ability to sell with sales advice from Bert Martinez Communications. Apply our sales tips and selling techniques on your own sales team.

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