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The Single Most Important Rule of Business

January 29, 2010 10:42 pm0 comments

This might possibly be the single most important rule of business or sales.  If they LIKE you, BELIEVE you, have CONFIDENCE in you and TRUST you, then they may be willing do business with you or buy from you.  Now of these four things LIKE, BELIEF, CONFIDENCE AND TRUST, which […]

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Free Publicity or Keeping Tabs on Competitor for Free

10:34 pm0 comments

Google has a very helpful service which can help you get more publicity or keep tabs on your competitor. And the best part it’s FREE! It’s like a having an media clipping service which scrutinizes both the web and Google News database, then sends you an email as soon as […]

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Seven Strategies for Sales Success

9:58 pm1 comment

Two common questions that I hear all the time, what do I need to learn to succeed in sales and what do I need to do to succeed sales? Here are a few strategies of sale success. Succeeding in sales is a learnable skill. Being poor in sales is a […]

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Site Map

January 20, 2010 10:33 amComments Off on Site Map
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Business Owners Try to Motivate Employees

9:46 am1 comment

Wall Street Journal | Small Business By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN – JANUARY 14, 2010 As Recession Lingers, Managers Hold Meetings and Change Hiring Practices to Alleviate Workers’ Stress Some business owners say their employees—after months of dealing with layoff worries, wage cuts or scaled-back hours—are stressed out and in need […]

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Time Management real or a hoax? Why Time Management doesn’t Work

January 14, 2010 7:50 pm0 comments

Hey guys, Bert Martinez here. Time management tools are really useful, right? Or are they? They show you how to organize your things. The problem is, that these systems are only as good as you FEEL. I’ve always said how you feel is more important than what you. How you […]

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Sales Training Can Show You Ways to Increase Sales

January 11, 2010 9:27 am0 comments

There are many advantages to engaging in sales training. An experienced sales trainer can teach you techniques on how to prospect customers, sell the customer, and maintain fruitful relationships with customers, which will lead to additional sales. Just being in the presence of a sales coach can greatly improve your […]

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